Starting my career in 2005 I was filming live music in Brighton, it was exciting and the perfect stepping stone into the industry. I'd always had in interest in film and for me it was my dream job, with this in mind I started my first video production company aged just 16. Things went well and fast forward to 2010 the company had developed into a web design and marketing agency predominantly, although I was constantly filming throughout this journey, web design wasn't going to be the future for me I wanted to film full time.
A new company was making waves in the film industry called RED Digital Cinema, they were claiming that they could digitally capture 4K cinema images. People were sceptical at first and quite rightly as it was a huge shift from the current form of film acquisition, it sounded too good to be true! But having seen the images and the vast quality they could capture I took the plunge and ordered my first RED, the RED ONE MX what a beautiful beast of a camera!
From there on my career took a natural swing towards film and commercials. I have been privileged enough to work on hundreds of productions ranging from filming a chinook helicopter landing on the back of a carrier for the Royal Navy to hiking hours to an ice waterfall in -20 degrees to get the prefect shots for a feature.
My work always takes me to see stunning places and meet the most interesting people, to be able to capture this with the most advanced and reliable equipment available in the industry today, it's a true privilege to call this my work.
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