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Arri bring 6.5k to the market along with a 4k update for Arri Amira


With a sensor larger than a 5-perf 65 mm film frame, ALEXA 65 harks back to the golden age of 65 mm widescreen filmmaking in the mid-20th century, when this newly introduced format captured the imagination of cinema audiences around the world. 65 mm grew into an inspirational format, providing an epic frame within which the biggest and most visually impactful stories could be told.

Only available through Arri Rental at the moment there is no sign of a price or release date for retail but it is an exciting step in the right direction for Arri in my opinion.

With RED increasingly running away with a majority of the market it’s nice to see Arri step up and give a tangible response to the resolution battle, rather than claiming that it’s all about “quality of pixels”. I look forward to working with it in the future and seeing more developments on this camera format.

October 16, 2014